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Managing food price volatility in a large open country: the case of wheat in India

Author(s): Christophe Gouel, Madhur Gautam, Will J. Martin

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Transfer of Improved Varieties in Informal Markets and the Diffusion of Embedded Innovation: Legal Pluralism in Uganda

Author(s): Martina Bozzola, Tim Swanson, Helena Ting

We use household level panel data to look at the diffusion of seed technology among Ugandan farmers. We present a simple target-input model to conceptualize the adoption decisions and management of a new technology in which the best use of inputs under the new technology is unknown and stochastic. In this framework, there is path dependency in the adoption process, since use and adoption are important indicators of the superior efficiency of new technology. In short, we find little evidence that seed policy reforms implemented in Uganda in the past 20 years have boosted agricultural productivity in the country, largely on account of inadequate use and diffusion of new seed varieties within the agricultural system....Read more

FOODSECURE end-of-project conference
A science-policy event on strategies for eliminating hunger and malnutrition
Pre-conference to the launch of the European Food Research Area
12 October 2016, The SQUARE, Brussels
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Final FOODSECURE stakeholder workshop
How to better align EU policies with global food and nutrition security?
23-24 June 2016, Brussels
Participation upon invitation



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