FOODSECURE final conference - “Policies that matter - A policy & science forum on Europe’s role in eliminating global hunger and malnutrition"
OrganiserNicolas Gerber and Alma van der Veen (ZEF), Thom Achterbosch and Petra Berkhout (LEI Wageningen UR)
LocationThe SQUARE, Rue Mont des Arts, Brussels
Start date/time2016-10-12 09:00:00
End date/time2016-10-12 18:00:00
Publication(s)FOODSECURE Final Conference Program

"Towards better-informed global and national policies for food and nutrition security". Consortium meeting in Bratislava. March 24-27, 2015.
LocationBratislava, Hotel Tatra.
Start date/time2015-03-24 09:00:00
End date/time2015-03-27 06:00:00
Publication(s)Towards better-informed global and national policies for food and nutrition security: Agenda for the consortium meeting in Bratislava, 24-27 March 2015

European Visions & Options Workshop “The Future of Global Food and Nutrition Security”
LocationValetta, Malta
Start date/time2015-02-25 19:00:00
End date/time2015-02-27 20:00:00
ContactRoxana Dude ( and Michiel van Dijk (

First Visions and Options workshop, of global FOODSECURE stakeholders
Start date/time2014-12-11
End date/time2014-12-12
ContactRoxana Dude ( for the program, Michiel van Dijk ( for the scenario development

Workshop on "Global value chains for food and nutrition security"
OrganiserRoma Tre University, Italy
LocationRome, Italy
Start date/time2014-09-25
End date/time2014-09-26

All about models: FOODSECURE researchers meet in Prague from February 25-28 to discuss and exchange about modules, models, technology, scenarios and stakeholders related to food and nutrition security.
Start date/time2014-02-25
End date/time2014-02-28
ContactEva Tabeau

Research and policy challenges in Food and Nutrition Security in Africa. FOODSECURE round table discussion with African and international experts.
OrganiserThom Achterbosch and Ewa Tabeau, LEI WUR
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia October 9, 2013
Start date/time2013-10-09 09:00:00
End date/time2013-10-09 14:00:00
ContactThom Achterbosch and Ewa Tabeau
Publication(s)Agenda of the FOODSECURE Roundtable Discussion on October 9 in Addis Ababa.

Challenges in Food and Nutrition Security in global and local African perspectives. FOODSECURE conference
OrganiserEwa Tabeau and Thom Achterbosch, LEI WUR
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia October 7-8, 2013
Start date/time2013-10-06 09:00:00
End date/time2013-10-08 18:30:00
ContactEwa Tabeau and Thom Achterbosch
Publication(s)Conference agenda of the FOODSECURE meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, October 7-8, 2013

Presentation on "Challenges of achieving Food Security" by FOODSECURE researcher David Laborde
OrganiserWorld Bank Institute on Frontiers of Development Policies, see
LocationWashington D.C., April 2013
Start date/time2013-06-26 14:00:00
End date/time2013-06-26
ContactDavid Laborde, IFPRI.

FOODSECURE briefing for key European Commission stakeholders (report will follow soon)
Organiserbriefing of the main reference units in the Commission for FOODSECURE, and a discussion on the event ahead as well as the research challenges in global food and nutrition security that could be addressed under Horizon 2020
Start date/time2013-04-26 14:30:00
End date/time2013-04-26 17:00:00
ContactThom Achterbosch
Publication(s)FOODSECURE Progress in the first year. Briefing of key EC stakeholders, Brussels, 24 April 2013 (slides)

Expert meeting on consumer acceptance of technological solutions to food security
LocationThe Hague
Start date/time2013-04-01
End date/time2013-04-04
ContactThom Achterbosch

Pre-scenario workshop to develop scenario methods.
OrganiserResearch team "Vision development and stakeholder involvement" (WP5), LEI (Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek), the Netherlands and IIASA (Internationales Institut für Systemanalyse), Austria.
LocationLaxenburg, Austria.
Start date/time2013-02-07
End date/time2013-02-08
ContactGerdien Meijerink,

International expert consultation on food price volatility and food security
OrganiserZEF and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
LocationCenter for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn, Germany
Start date/time2013-01-31
End date/time2013-02-01
ContactJoachim von Braun,

Expert meeting “Food Security – Towards Policies that Matter”
OrganiserAt the occasion of the kick-off meeting of FOODSECURE, an expert meeting entitled “Food Security – Towards Policies that Matter” was organized to introduce the project to the beneficiaries within the institutions of the European Union.
LocationAlbert Borschette Conference Centre, 36 rue Froissart, Brussels Thursday, 6 September 2012, 11.00-16.00
Start date/time2012-09-06
End date/time2012-09-06
ContactThom Achterbosch (
Publication(s)Report on the Expert meeting “Food Security – Towards Policies that Matter”, 6 September 2012, Brussels

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