FOODSECURE aims to design effective and sustainable strategies for assessing and addressing the challenges of food and nutrition security.

FOODSECURE provides a set of analytical instruments to experiment, analyse, and coordinate the effects of short and long term policies related to achieving food security.

FOODSECURE impact lies in the knowledge base to support EU policy makers and other stakeholders in the design of consistent, coherent, long-term policy strategies for improving food and nutrition security.

Work packages/research areas

Causes of hunger and poor diets

Stakeholder orientation on the future of hunger

Sustainable agriculture

Database on hunger: outcomes and drivers

Short term modelling

EU and national food security strategies and aid policies

Innovation for FNS

Long-term modelling

EU policies in support of food and nutrition security

Aid, trade and agriculture policies

Surveillance on and management of food crises

Pooling resources: Models and data
Research components

Determinants module: understanding the causes of hunger and malnutrition

Future module: tools for improved surveillance and foresight

Guidance module: policy framework to support food and nutrition security

Stakeholder engagement

Pooling data and modelling resources

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Foodsecure combines rigorous analyses and stakeholder participation in order to:
• better understand the determinants and different levels of causality underpinning global food and nutrition security;
• improve the ability of decision makers to foresee and respond to future food and nutrition security crises;
• provide guidance to stakeholders on critical pathways for technological and institutional change and policies, and on the integration of a diversity of visions in a common framework.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 290693