Workpackage 10

EU and national food security strategies and aid policies







The researchers aim to assess the coherence of EU aid and development policies with local FNS strategies. This deliverable draws conclusions from the analysis carried out in WP2-9 and translates these into practical policy recommendations.

Research set up and objectives

The researchers will: analyze the coherence of EU aid and development policies with national policies that aim at enhancing FNS and provide policy recommendations to improve the coherence; analyze coordination of development and aid policies between EU member states and the EU and (if necessary) provide guidelines to improve the coordination.

Research approach

WP 10 will work in parallel and close interaction with WP 8 (Surveillance on and management of food crises), WP 9 (Sustainable agriculture) and WP 11 (EU policies in support of FNS) to ensure that the findings on international aid and development policies are coherent and consistent with the EU policies on trade, agriculture, energy, price volatility, investment in R&D, etc.


  • A report on how EU aid policies affect (or aim at affecting) FNS in developing countries
  • A toolbox for national policy makers in developing countries as well as policymakers involved in EU foreign aid policies with a view to enhancing FNS. The toolbox will provide an overview of qualitative and quantitative tools which can be used to assess the appropriateness of aid policies ex ante.
  • A report on the coherence between EU-level foreign aid policies and EU-member state foreign aid policies and recommendations to improve this coherence. 


KU Leuven: Nathalie Francken,

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 290693