Workpackage 9

Sustainable agriculture

This workpackage aims at developing technological and institutional prospects and path ways to enhance food and nutrition security in a sustainable way at the international and local levels.

Research set up and objectives
The researchers will examine the role that incentive structures play in influencing the use of genetic resources for managing variability in agricultural production. Further research will examine the impacts of development, innovation and conservation policies on land use and natural resource stocks, in order to inform the projects modeling scenarios on the interrelationship between FNS and sustainable agricultural systems. Finally, a strategy for innovation policy for FNS in developing countries will be designed, taking into account the interdependencies of the different sectors of the bio-economy.

Research approach
The researchers will conduct literature reviews, analyze farm-level data on the use of genetic resources for coping with environmental change, and implement different modeling exercises using existing model platforms, such as MAGNET, IMAGE, GLOBIO and Globiom, as well as a comparative assessment of their outcomes.

Assessment of the contribution of genetic diversity to maintaining agricultural productivity.
Papers on the tradeoffs and complementarities between agricultural production and biodiversity conservation.
A toolbox with qualitative and quantitative components for assessing science and technology policies and improved Research and Development priority setting methods. A report on science policy for Food and Nutrition Security in developing countries in relation to such policy at the international level, and to support local FNS in a sustainable way, based on the results of the modeling toolbox.

Derek Eaton, derek.eaton(at) and Tim Swanson, tim.swanson(at)
at IHEID and Nicolas Gerber, n.gerber(at) at ZEF.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 290693